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 We work with the client to provide solutions and upgrades that fit any budget while never sacrificing quality.  Stanaitis Construction is an independently owned, licensed and insured company. 

Founder and Owner
Jared R. Stanaitis 

Some stories start with a trade being passed from father to son; the learning of a trade that is more of an art than a job.  Jared's curiosity of construction was nurtured from an early age as he was taught that quality is remembered long after cost is forgotten.

Persistent and eager, Jared continued to learn by working all summer for local trade businesses in roofing and construction.  Jared worked every summer during school years to gain experience from leaders in the industry.


Jared is a 2017 graduate of  Sun Valley High School and the Delaware County Vocational School  where he received multiple competition awards for construction and outstanding leadership. 

The significance of using his family name in his business is indicative of the pride he brings to his work and your home.

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